10 Traits of Highly Motivated People

Staying motivated in the face of challenges

There are days when you wake up rearing to go. Your energy is high and motivation is even higher. And there are those days when you seem distracted, aimless, spaced out and can’t seem to kick yourself into gear. Now that is not a problem every now and again. It may be a problem if the lack of motivation and energy persist. Yes, when you get to the place where you are watching other motivated people with the “stink eye”, or you can’t get back your mojo after a setback, might be the point at which you want to get the pulse on your level of motivation and figure out how you can stay highly motivated.

It is not hard to miss a highly motivated person. They are unwavering in the face of a challenge and possess energy than keeps going and going and going…but what exactly are the character traits that help them stay that way?

1. Purpose. Highly motivated people are able comprehend and internalize the bigger picture. They understand their value as a person and are able to see how their work fits into the whole. They ultimately prevent themselves from feeling small or of lesser value and realize that the smaller components of the journey are meaningful. Every step in their journey is meaningful and an opportunity to learn and become better.

2. Optimism. Despite challenges, motivated people keep a positive vision of what could be in the future. This view of the future fuels motivated people so they approach their work with zest, looking forward to the happy outcome they envision.

3. Self-Esteem. If you don’t feel as if you can accomplish something it becomes harder to do. Motivated people know their strengths, and they believe in themselves. They are willing to learn and to try.

4. Bravery. Motivated people love new challenges, and they don’t back down because something appears difficult. They’re not afraid to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. They understand that mistakes are not who they are but incidents that happen that they can learn from.

5. Energy. It takes effort and energy to achieve anything, including getting out of bed in the morning. Motivated people have the required energy—mental, physical, spiritual or emotional—to move forward with their plan and keep fighting for what they dream of.

6. Persistence. People with high levels of motivation don’t just give up when the going gets tough. They buckle down, look for solutions and plan their way forward.

7. Perspective. A lot of life is largely about how we look at the experiences and the significance we place on the experiences and the impact they have on us. Highly motivated people don’t get weighed down with the small stuff. They take time to sort through life’s myriad of concerns and learn to dispel or ignore the little things that could pull them off course.

8. Reflective. There is an old adage that says “when you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” Motivated people understand this. While bravery, energy, and persistence are some of their outstanding

qualities, that doesn’t mean they charge ahead blindly. Motivated people learn from mistakes, reflect on the process and move forward with intelligence and strategy.

9. Humility. Motivated people also have perspective on their own strengths and weaknesses. An arrogant person will quickly run up against a wall again and again even though opposing egos clash with what they are pursuing. By contrast, a humble person will have an easier time carrying out their plan because they take feedback, and adjust their course if necessary. They’re not offended—their eyes are on the prize, and they’ll take the help they need to get there.

They understand they have limitations and are willing to get help.

10. Celebration. Motivated people enjoy success and they celebrate it. It’s not about throwing it in other people’s faces, but about appreciating the hard work just done, and looking forward to a new journey.

When adversity, strikes it is easy to become demotivated. Suddenly, things aren’t as clear and we struggle to get our pep back. The good thing is we can cultivate the character that helps us bounce back and stay motivated. For more tips, insight and continued support. Join my Facebook group Unleashed.

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