Children Development Programs

One of the most heart-breaking things is for parents to see their child struggling or hurt and be helpless to bring relief. Kids struggle. They struggle with self-concept, with expectation of parents and others, with relationships with others, with authority, health and the list goes on.

As a parent, it is distressing to witness and even more so to feel unable to help. Sometimes even the most equipped parents arrive at this place of helplessness.

What is it as parents we wish for our kids the most?

Happiness, self-value, love, faith, integrity, and good health.

Give your kid the gifts you desire!

You love your child deeply, yet for reasons you are unaware of your child is still struggling. Belkis in collaboration with Dimensions Legacy has designed a three-week program geared toward helping children understand how to accept the love, care and concern of parents.

Working with trained professionals, Belkis and Dimensions Legacy know that the things you want your child to have most are possible and it starts now. We can help you to help your child overcome present struggles and challenges.

Belkis’s & Dimensions Legacy Development Program offer your kids skills to build resilience, self-worth, and perseverance with an appreciation for their unique personality.

The program is geared toward the holistic well-being of the individual child and offers tools to parents to continue working with their child. The program covers 3 face to face session with your child and one face to face or skype/zoom meeting with parents.

In the meeting with parents an update is given concerning findings and suggestions on how to continue coaching your child is offered, the remaining program time is filled with activities geared toward building your child’s resilience, confidence, self-worth and perseverance.

The fundamentals of our child coaching program cover the following beliefs:

  1. It takes a village: it is important that parents know it is ok to receive help. Our kids’ happiness goes beyond our pride. It takes various positive exposures for our kids to develop into their best selves.
  2. Keep it Concise: the objective is not for kids to feel like there is something wrong with them therefore sessions are short and done a short time span utilizing the tools we offer. They are important for cutting down the number of face to face sessions and achieving success.
  3. A parent’s touch: there are somethings best done by parents. Parents are the VIPs of their kids’ development. Therefore, it is pertinent that we offer parents effective tools to help coach their kids.
  4. Become what you want your kids to be: Being an example is the most precious tool a parent has for teaching beliefs and values. It is difficult for a child to be confident, happy and exhibit emotional intelligence if it is not exhibited by the parents. So, possess that which you want your kids to access.
  5. Happiness breeds happiness: If parents are happy it is easier to teach kids to be happy. Parents need to cultivate their own happiness so their kids emulate. Children are like mirrors of their parent’s state of being.
  6. Seeds become trees: it is imperative that problems and challenges that children face be dealt with from the beginning. If left unattended they take root and then are difficult to expel.
  7. Your kid is truly one of a kind: we use individualized assessments because each child is unique. Reports are based on individual assessments. Tools are adjusted to suit each child’s needs.
  8. Key ingredients for success: Personality Appreciation & Emotional Intelligence are two key ingredients for success. We assess the child’s Emotional Intelligence, establish their personality type and then help to develop skills that help the child to deal with stress and challenges based on his/her personality type. We also introduce children to the strengths and weaknesses of their personality and how to operate in their strengths. We give the parents tips on how to continue the development of the child’s Emotional Intelligence.
  9. No Child is Lost: All children regardless of age, social ability, ability or disability, talents can improve. With proper guidance significant improvement can be achieved.
  10. Lessons through play: Kids will be exposed to various informal testing tools in game formats. Structured testing stress kids. Through games testing, pertinent information will be gathered about the kids.

How it all unfolds...

Both Parents are required to fill in an assessment form online or hand written and delivered. This helps us to decide what areas you require feedback on and what tools will suit your child best. *A personality assessment will be carried out by our in-house psychologist.


3 one-hour sessions will be conducted with each child. One session per week over a 3-week period.

Hours of the days are filled with fun activities geared toward building self-confidence, emotional intelligence, personality appreciation, perseverance, resilience, and self-worth.

Quiet times and exercise times are emphasized. Kids are taught the basics of meditation.

What children learn:

  • Skills on building positive productive relationships (friends, siblings, parents and others)
  • Self-confidence
  • A better understanding and appreciation for themselves
  • Tools to manage emotions
  • Improved perspective on the role of adults
  • Better focus on academics
  • Time management skills
  • A sense of belonging
  • Appreciation of self
  • Skills on perseverance
  • Better understanding of resilience and how to apply it

What parents learn:

  • Better Understanding of their kids and what they are feeling
  • Confidence in parenting skills
  • Tips on how to manage their emotions and those of their kids
  • Improved Relationship with their kids
  • An enlightened perspective of their kids’ potential