As a spiritual life coach and motivational speaker, using practical and spiritual advice combined with my unique insight, I help others uncover the truth of who they are, embrace that authenticity and display their unique selves boldly and unapologetically.

Setting Boundaries

There will come a time when everything seems to hit at once and from every angle. You’ll feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and feeling as if you’re at or near your breaking point. When this happens, you go into self preservation mode. Self preservation is different for each of us.

the thing is you don’t have to get to this point. You want to make sure you are ready for when such situations come. You can make sure you will be OK long before things get out of control. You do it by establishing healthy boundaries with everyone you interact with – no matter how close the relationship.

This course gives you the strategies, tips and insight so you can bravely and effectively have those conversations about boundaries in every all areas of your life. You are freer, happier, more energized and more focused on the things you are passionate about, up time for things that energize and fulfill you, rather than feeling drained because you’re catering to everyone else’s needs.

This is your time to step into your power and take control of your life and happiness.

Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self Care

Self-Confident people are less anxious in social situations, speak up for themselves, refuse to accept treatment they do not deserve, face challenges with greater certainty, doubt themselves less, are less fearful, take better care of their health, are happier and perform better at work.

If any of these are what you would like to experience then welcome to the course that will transform your self-confidence.

Healing from emotional trauma, breakups and betrayal

Learn why releasing the pain of the past is so difficult. You will learn strategies to make letting go easier.