Business Women’s Day

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How quickly the years have flown by since the 1940s when men were at war and large numbers of women headed out into the work force. Since then, the impact of women on the world of work has gone through phenomenal changes and have expanded in ways that were not imagined in the 40s.

Today, many women hold their own in the workforce and have long since graduated from traditional and or stereotypical roles. In some areas the fight for equal treatment and equal pay for equal contribution continues. For some, they are still fighting for the opportunity to explore their dreams and step into the workforce.

However, when I listen to stories or read of the experiences of some of the women of the 40s, a few things struck me.

  1. Willingness – with the men off to war women were willing to step out of their comfort zones. Most often our most successful feats, our greatest opportunities lie outside of our comfort zones. We have to be willing to step up and step out.
  2. Opportunity – with the men off fighting the women saw an opportunity. For some it was the opportunity to contribute to the war efforts, for others the opportunity to fulfill a dream and for some it was an opportunity that was also a necessity because they had to provide for their families. The mark of many successful individuals is the ability to recognize an opportunity and take advantage of it.
  3. Motivated – motivation is like the key turning in the ignition of a car. It gets the car in gear for movement. That’s what motivation is for us when it comes to us achieving a goal. It gets us ignited and in gear for movement. The women who flocked to the workforce in the 1940s found their motivation and let it propelled them forward. Successful people are highly motivated.
  4. Adaptability- in the 1940s when the men went off to fight many women had to adapt to significant changes. They had to step into roles that were foreign to them and master these roles. Successful people recognize that change is inevitable and prepare themselves to adapt as is necessary.
  5. Nonpareil – successful individuals set themselves a part. They operate in a uniqueness that mark’s then as unrivaled.

I tip my hat to the women who have been making and have made their marks on the world of business and have made and are making invaluable contributions to the economies across the globe.

So whether your business, is yours or one you work for, whether it is small or worldwide, whether it operates from a multi-million dollar building or your bedroom floor, whether you are owner and or CEO of a conglomerate or a housewife with a side hustle, Happy Business Day Ladies! You Rock!

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