Calm in COVID-19 crisis

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We can’t deny that we live in tense, stressful times. Add to that the pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 and already tense situations become near explosive. It is easy to feel panicked and overwhelmed and as if everything is beyond our control. As much as we think we can distance ourselves from all the chaos it takes a mental and emotional toll. It is hard to believe that things aren’t all doom and gloom. Not when every new headline brings fear and despair.

But peace is possible. There are a lot we can’t control but if we learn to control our personal internal space, we eventually feel better and realize there is hope.

Here are a few things you can do to feel calmer and more confident in chaotic times.

  1. Pay attention to the facts of the issue not the fears of what might be or suppositions and opinions. With facts you understand the threat or disturbance better and can plan on how to proceed or retreat. It brings things into perspective.
  2. Acknowledge how you feel and why you are feeling the way you are feeling. When you have an understanding of what you actually fear and feel it is easier to plan how to increase positive feelings and decrease negative feelings.
  3. Do not mirror the feelings and actions of others. It is easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and saying and react according to others fears and feelings. Assess your situation and mindset and let that guide your actions.
  4. Talk to persons who help you gain clarity and confidence and who offer support and if possible helpful insight.
  5. Do physical activity. It offers an amazing outlet for negative feelings and boost good feeling chemicals.
  6. Determine what specific actions you can take to make you feel better in the present situation.
  7. Determine what part of the situation you can control and act on that part. When we feel in control, we think clearer and make better decisions. Intentionally block out what you cannot control.
  8. Be in your moment. Whatever you find yourself doing at the moment be immersed in it. So if it is a conversation, a game, a movie, a chore at home; Be present, focused and involved in the present moment. Be grateful for what you have and want nothing more than what you have in the moment.
  9. (Positive thoughts)
  10. Think back in history or in your life and realize that disasters don’t stay, they pass. Things will get better.
  11. Make a decision to take a positive perspective. Perspective Drives feelings and behaviors and determine your level of peace or upheaval.
  12. Eat healthy and rest. Your body will be better equipped to fight stress.
  13. Trust God, He has never failed.

Calm is as choice. Happiness is a choice. You are most in control and powerful when you choose. If you struggle with making good decisions and want to learn to make better decisions that make you happier contact Belkis for a clarity session.

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