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My mission

My life’s work is to help women break away from victim-hood and step forward into possibility by giving them the tools to rescue themselves from the impact of past trauma and pitfalls.  

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My Goal for Your Life

I believe that every woman has a deep well of strength, resiliency, and capacity that is eagerly waiting to be set free.  While past experiences might block easy access to this treasure-trove of possibility, the phenomenal potential for greatness is always waiting and ready to be unleashed.  My goal is to empower, coach, and guide women past hurts, frustrations, and negative belief patterns – allowing them unlimited access to the wealth of power within them, and create a financially stable future for themselves and their loved ones through entrepreneurial endeavors and occupational growth. 


It is my absolute delight and life’s work to help you rediscover your purpose, value, possibility, and truth – and lead you into the divine light and endless possibility that awaits you.

My Method: The S.O.S. System

After years of helping to transform the lives of those reeling in the aftermath of  negative experiences, pain, change, and challenges, I have developed an effective, powerful, and innovative system that allows every woman to reclaim her story and become her own hero.  The S.O.S. system (Self-Actualization, Opportunity, and Systems) is a revolutionary approach to emotional and financial independence for women who are ready to manifest meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

Through this system, women are able to identify their passions, clarify their emotional drivers, overcome trauma, and cultivate lasting change that translates into a successful professional life or entrepreneurial venture.

While they say money isn’t everything – it does make life much easier.  S.O.S. empowers women to rescue themselves from their current emotional trappings and unleash a business plan, company idea, or career pathway that provides financial stability and a more prosperous future.  By picking ourselves up out of our trauma, hang-ups, and pitfalls, we are able to create a future that allows us more time with family, more time following pursuits that we have always dreamed of, and more time living the life we deserve.  The S.O.S. system is for every woman of every age, education level, socio-economic stature, race, religion, or creed.  It is for women who are eager for more in life, but are being held back by unseen emotional forces.

Success is possible – just call out S.O.S. and rescue yourself!

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My Focus

In addition to direct coaching, I also offer impactful courses, a dynamic support system, and exercises that focus on courage, success, strength, purpose, value, finding your authentic self, divine alignment, and moving forward after trauma into triumph.

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Your pathway to change is exactly that:  Yours. 

Finding the right support system as you facilitate and create change in your life is critical to success, and the importance of working with someone who has the experience, skills, and personality that meet your needs is the key to lasting change.  To help determine if we are an ideal match, I offer a free 15 minute consultation that allows us the opportunity to explore a potential coaching relationship and explore possibility together.

During the 15 minute free session:

The Magic of Momentum

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