About Belkis

My mission

First, a little about me. I hail from a tiny island in the Caribbean called St. Kitts and since then, I have lived on a few other islands in the Caribbean.

Family has been and continues to be important to me. My mother taught me a substantial amount about faith and continues to impart her spiritual wisdom and life lessons; these are what have sustained me through the myriad of challenges I have faced. At such times my faith has been my foundation, my lighthouse and my harbour. Such as when my previous marriage failed.

I am married to an extraordinary man, John, and we are proud parents of a beautiful little girl. Through this miracle, I learned the value of adjusting mindset and outlook to be able to embrace the miracle of a life I’d only imagined.

I have pursued a few loves such as karate, volunteering with the Red Cross and operating several youth groups. Added to those, my present loves include working out, spending time on the floor with my daughter and intimate dinners with my husband.

I love long conversations with my mother, strategy sessions with my sibling and soul feeding sessions with my girlfriends.

I hunger for intimate prayer sessions that feed my spirit and rejuvenate me. I am everything because of my personal relationship with God

Nothing God can control will set me back, thus I will always be moving forward.

Sexual Abuse, incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, depression, disconnection, self-hate and suicide attempts are chapters in the book about my life.

But today there is more..

I now have chapters of courage, success, strength, purpose, value, love of my authentic self, divine alignment, parenthood, success and turning trauma into triumph.

I thrive on helping survivors of abuse and trauma find their purpose, value and truth beyond the pain, guilt, shame and impact of truama.

It is my delight to help you discover how you can turn your trauma into triumph and write your now happiness and your happy ending.

Inspired by my own experiences, I am committed to helping others face their most heart-breaking experiences, uderstand how they can heal, get rid of the guilt and shame, lose the masks they are forced to wear, rediscover their purpose, uncover their value and stand in their truth so they can turn trauma into triumph.

As a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach and Motivational Teacher, using practical and spiritual advice combined with my unique insight, education and experience, I will help you figure out your purpose, recognize your value and stand in your truth.

I offer you the support it is hard to find elsewhere. I work at being a light in your darkest moments or sit with you until your light comes while helping you to lovingly accept the awesomeness that’s already in you as well as the value of who you are.

Then, I release you to accomplish your dreams and walk into your hope.

I am humbled and honored to support you in your legendary trauma transformation.

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Breakthrough Clarity Session

It is important to have the right support as you make big or small changes in your life. You want to ensure that the experience, skills and personality meet your needs. To help you determine if we make an ideal connection, I offer a 15 minute free consultation.

During the 15 minute free session:
El Rawlins

Belkis!!! The Great Belkis!!! A woman I will never forget and is always delighted when I see her.

We met in Tobago in the summer of 2014, at a Youth Retreat. I was 23 years old then. I was told of this lady who would come and talk to us, I missed her first session, But the feedback from everyone else made me very curious to meet her. And so I did. You know when you meet somebody and you just feel the energy that they are such an amazing being? Well that’s the feeling I got from Belkis. And this doesn’t happen to me often, So I am well aware when I meet great people. She presented, and gave her story and motivated and touched each person. I can’t remember exact words at the moment, but I do have a vivid image of the expression on each person’s face while she presented and let us know that we can be anything we want to be, dream big, we will have obstacles but you just push on, and love yourself at all times. I was in awe. Why? Because she reminded me of where I want to be in the future as a young lady. I wasn’t there yet, I am not there yet, but I am closer now than I was when I met Belkis.

For me it was her mannerism, her intellect, her demeanour, and her free spirit. She made me smile and I felt good; not the “surface” type of good, but the “deep down in my soul” kinda good. It’s a genuine type of good with longevity attached to it, that as I write this now the feeling is coming back to me all over again. This definitely was not a momentary type of good. I could have sat down and listen to her talk all day, even if she wasn’t talking to me.

Another attribute I admired was how she treated each person to their uniqueness. Your time with her was private and personal. We are in the 21st century now, where it’s becoming a norm that you are scared to open up because of trust; Belkis can be trusted.

I could go on and on describing her, And OMG the way she spoke of and related to her boyfriend/fiance then (they’re married now) you knew for a fact that she was in love and being loved.

Wow… I feel like am writing my love story. (The impact of Belkis)

Belkis You are an inspiration. THESE are words of you from the inspired El,