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As a spiritual life and business coach, motivational speaker, and possibility guide, I help others uncover the truth of who they are, make peace with who they were, and create meaningful change that helps shape who they want to be in the future.

1-on-1 coaching sessions

A unique and intense 1-on-1 coaching experience broken into three distinct sessions, the Heal, Rise, and Fly opportunity helps you identify the impact and obstacles your life experiences due to past trauma, how to rise above and overcome the pain, and finally, fly into a bright future free from burden and ready to life your life in the most healthy and authentic way possible.  Designed to help you thrive in your personal and professional life, the Heal, Rise, and Fly sessions are a powerful tool in unleashing possibility and embracing your inner greatness.

Breakthrough Clarity Session

Not sure where to start? It is important to have the right support as you make big or small changes in your life. You want to ensure that the experience, skills and personality meet your needs. To help you determine if we make an ideal connection, I offer a 45 minute introductory session.

During this session:

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other women on their own personal journey to self-awareness, possibility, and greatness by joining our Facebook page.  Here, members are able to share personal stories that range from overcoming trauma to personal triumphs, and everything in between. There are regular teachings on starting a business, financial independence, turning passion into profits and how to grow your business online. 

Members receive helpful insights on their personal and business journeys, inspiration, community, support, and private chat sessions with professionals during online hours.  Issues that require in-depth attention can also be scheduled for further discussion through our Facebook group.

Corporate / group solutions

I also offer corporate and group training, seminar and team builders.

If you are looking to develop a corporate culture of success built on effective communication,  bridging the gap between differences and establishing roads to commonality and strong bonds, effective leadership and building emotional intelligence, let’s connect.  

The Magic of Momentum

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