One-on-one sessions

**Sessions can occur via face-to-face, phone, or video chat.

**Group sessions can be arranged. Please contact Belkis for more information.

Everyone has been hurt in relationships or through experiences they have had. Few people can let that pain go so they can move on with their lives without the past casting shadows on their joy.

People tend to get trapped in their anger and pain after they have been hurt. Consequently, it impacts the choices they make and their level of happiness. There are physical, mental, and emotional reasons why it is difficult to let go of the pain.

One area that causes many people difficulty in letting go of the past is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness is. It is often thought that forgiveness frees the other person of what happened. You will discover this is not true.

Heal through one to one coaching over a period of 12 weeks offers strategies and exercises to help you release the past. These activities include recognizing your personal power, nurturing yourself, changing your thoughts, and discovering how to manage your feelings. This is your time, your moment, your chance, to Heal!

You are not doing too badly in your career, maybe you are even excelling however somewhere deep inside you, you are not satisfied. You want something else. You want more. Maybe you feel a hunger to discover something more meaningful, something more impactful. You have ideas and dreams, but the treadmill of life keep you so tied down you cannot find the time to think about them. Maybe you think your time has passed. Maybe you are afraid or feel undeserving. Yet you trudge along hoping that something would change. Your pour into everyone else and never quite get what you need in return. Time is running out and you are not sure you are satisfied with your life. As a matter of fact, you know you are not.

Welcome to RISE. Your moment, your chance, your time! 12 weeks of one on one coaching to help you discover your passion, make the first steps to living your purpose, your path to making a difference and living happier. This is your time, your moment, your chance to Rise!

For too long you have felt insecure, uncertain and find yourself often questioning your decisions, feelings and thoughts, you often seek the approval of others. You act like you have it together but inside you feel like a fraud, you do not like the person in the mirror very much and you are often riddled with social anxiety. Maybe you are afraid to speak up about your needs and wants or to share your ideas. And you often find yourself asking, what is wrong with me?

You want to make better decisions, have stronger more positive relationships, you want to win the respect, admiration and trust of others. You want to love yourself and be loved for that self. You are ready to step up in your inner power, but you aren’t sure how or if it even exist.

Welcome to Fly. Twelve weeks of one on one coaching to help you Step into your security of who you are. Face life and its challenges with courage, overcome the fear of rejection, love yourself, break the habit of seeking the approval of others, learn to speak up, and build your self-confidence. This is your time, your moment your chance to Fly!

Benefits of the One-on-One coaching with Belkis

Increased Influence

We all can affect great change. However too often we let our experiences and others determine what we do and to what extent. We instead wait for others to create impact and bring change and we silence our voice and our power. Through this journey learn to recognize your power and how you can use it to fulfil your dreams and bring change for others in the process.

Empowered Living

Improve self-perception, strength recognition, build self-confidence and improve self-efficacy. Strengthen your communication skills, improve critical thinking and decision-making skills. Improve your leadership skills. These tools lead to crafting a space of empowerment from which you live and thrive.


Look at yourself with honesty and discover new things. Discover how to recognize and understand your feelings, thoughts and emotions. The better you know yourself the more respect you develop for yourself. Eventually, you will only accept people and treatment that respects you as well.


Reduce the shame, guilt, disconnection, anger and pain of past hurts.


Life is tough sometimes. Bad things happen and sometimes changes are forced on you. The skills learned in the Heal program are useful for dealing with everyday surprise tragedies. Having the necessary skills allows you to bounce back instead of feeling overwhelmed or crushed by setbacks or negative experiences.


Many focuses on the end game of what they wish to receive in their life instead of looking at the progress they are making. Positive changes are improvements and deserve to be celebrated. Recognize the small positives and celebrate them as part of achieving your bigger goals.


Know who you are, and your confidence level soars. Recognize your personal power and know what resources you have, what value you bring and how to be intentional about suing them. Embrace your courage to face your fears and setbacks.


Learn to control outburst and recognize what is really motivating them.


You will learn to see yourself clearly and to understand how you fit into your world. You will learn to recognize your strengths, weaknesses and emotions and how to effectively manage your actions.

Healthier Relationships

Experience improved relationships with your self and with others. Recognize your value and your relationship with yourself and others improve. You will also learn to value others and recognize those who do not value you. Honor yourself by getting out of toxic or negative relationships.

Improved Mindset and Attitudes

Our minds control m any aspects of our lives but can be unruly. Learn to change your mindset so you develop positive attitudes and valuable belief systems.


Build your resilience, confidence and versatility and watch your strength as an individual soar.


Make better choices, experience new opportunities, people and places. Be open to new adventures and an exciting journey of change, healing ad power.

Happiness and Peace

Address the issues of your heart and see how it positively impacts your level of happiness and peace of mind. Increase your inner satisfaction and you handle stressors and difficulties in a constructive manner. Reduce anxiety and increase your mental and physical health as you accept your authentic self. Being at peace with yourself brings happiness unlike any other.